~ teddy ~

~ tender loving teddy bear ~

I can see the world without a lot of things,
but I can't see a world without Teddy bears.

~Harry Nizamian~

~ hearts ~

Old teddy bears are filled with excelsior, 
love and warm memories.

~Wanda Loukides~

~ hearts ~

    Long before I grew up, my Teddy taught me what 
    love really meant, being there when you're needed.

    ~Jim Nelson~

    ~ elizabeth ~

    Beauty is in the eye of the bearholder.

    ~ Author Unknown ~

    ~ hearts ~

    When the crossword puzzle calls for a five-letter word meaning,
    trust, love and reassurance, just fill in T-E-D-D-Y.

    ~Jim Nelson~

    ~ hearts ~

    A hug is the shortest distance between two bears.

    ~Joan Walsh Anglund~

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