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Hello, I'm Gabriella, the Guardian Angel Mouse of Pooh's Corner. Have you heard the news? There's been a special delivery to the Mousington Family. I am so happy I have so many babies here to watch over and love. Please go right in and say hello, Ralph and Trixie love visitors!

(If you don't have a Guardian Angel Mouse at your house, be sure
to stop by Guardian Angel Mouse Heaven before you go!)


Momma TrixieMomma Trixie

Papa RalphPapa Ralph

Tiffany, Tabitha and TrishaTiffany, Tabitha & Trisha

Tasha and TamaraTasha & Tamara

Brittany and BriannaBrittany & Brianna

Tara, Tanya and TaylorTara, Tanya & Taylor


It seems a new little mousey has moved in =)
Please say hello to Mackenzie Mouse!
Isn't she adorable =)

mackenzie mouse

zoo poo

And of course we cannnot forget this little cutie :)
Nookster is the newest addition to our mousey family.
Just click on Nookster to visit his room!

Thanks for letting Nookster come live with us Noel!

Look at the wonderful thank you cards we have received!.

thank you     thank you

Thank you for these great awards!

award     award     award

The girls are now members of the Mouse Club!

mouse club mouse club mouse club mouse club


Tara and Taylor have started taking Music Lessons .

We are so happy to report we have been able to find several of the girls siblings !
If you visit the girls birth certificates and see that you are related, please email
Trixie or Ralph so we can add you to our growing family list!

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Thank you Shannon for my beautiful babies Brittany & Brianna!

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