~ Bethany's Room ~

Hello, my name is Bethany! I am so excited to have a new family of my very own. I love having so many sisters! Mommy says I am a very special Mouse. I have Muscular Dystrophy but that doesn't stop me from doing everything I love! Some of my favorite things to do are oil paint, read and blow bubbles (can't you tell *smile*). Do you like my zebra? Her name is Sophia. Mommy bought her for me on the way home from the Mouse Pad Orphanage .

Bethany's Bed      castle       Bethanyzebra     Baxter


Do you like my pictures? I made them in Art Class!

artwork     artwork


This is a picture of the new puppy Mommy adopted for me!
Isn't he adorable!!

Be sure to stop by and visit the rest of my family before you go!

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Follow this mouse hole to see the girl's birth certificates.

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