We’re never too old
to play all day
to make mudpies
to pretend we’re spies
We’re never to old
to play make-believe

~ angel ~

to dance in the rain
to get grass stains
We’re never too old
to kiss dogs on the lips
to build our own boats
to build castles with motes

We’re never too old
to get our clothes messy
to jump in piles of leaves
to do somersaults with ease
We’re never too old
to catch spiders and frogs
to have snowball fights

~ snow buddies ~

to attempt to fly
We’re never too old
to have hide-outs and forts
to drum on pots and pans
to color with crayons
We’re never too old
to race and play tag

~ rolling along ~

to ask lots of questions
to have invisible friends
We’re never too old
to eat Happy Meals
to be fearless or afraid
to need a Band-Aid
We’re never too old
to wish on shooting stars

~ stars are the flowers of heaven ~

to give butterfly kisses
to make birthday wishes
We’re never too old
to learn, laugh or cry
to have endless energy
to love and be free

~ teddies ~

"We're Never to Old"
© Mallery
Used with Permission

~ home ~

~ dreamland dollhouse ~

~ wendi's teddy cottage ~

~ country corner adoption shoppe ~

~ kay's cozy cottage ~

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